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How to hibernate water scooters in a correct and healthy way

How to hibernate water scooters in a correct and healthy way

Fuel stabiliser:

The first thing to do in the watercraft hibernation process is to add a fuel stabilizer, according to the measures that are recommended depending on the product used. This stabilizer has to be added whether you decide to leave the fuel tank full or nearly empty. After this it is then time to move on to washing.

Cleaning the cooling system:

The idea is to clean the vessel so that there is no dirt clogging it. All bikes have their own inlet and outlet hose and an antifreeze can also be used to ensure a clean with protection, always ensuring you are careful as the coolant becomes slippery. For some models of jet skis a hose adaptor is required. While this process is taking place, it is necessary that the boat is flat. This step should be done whenever the bike or boat is used in salt water, to prevent damage and corrosion. It is very important that no water is left in the boat, so the cleaning process should be done with the engine running and doing some acceleration to get all the water out. Cleaning takes about 2 minutes.

Cleaning the boat and general care:

Third step, which should be done regularly and whenever the bike is used in salt water as well, is cleaning the entire boat. With fresh water, soap, anti-saline and a sponge. Then a coat of wax can be applied to protect from dust or other things that can damage the boat.

A tip to save money when you use the boat again is to apply lubricant to the moving parts. This prevents rust and makes for smoother movement when you return to your jet ski or small boat. 

Tip: You should regularly start the engine, even if you don't use the boat during that time. Start and run it for a few minutes, this will prolong the life of your engine.

The cleaning is finished, as is the treatment of the motorbike. This is the ideal time to cover and protect it before it is put away until next summer. There are covers specifically designed for this purpose. Then just put it away in a place protected from rain and humidity.