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Snow and cold will overtake several cities over the next few days

Snow and cold will overtake several cities over the next few days

If in your city or the city to which you have to take off the snowfall is quite heavy, we advise you not to leave your home, keeping yourself and others safe. If it is not possible to stay at home, we remind you of the measures you should take on snowy or icy days 

  • Before starting your journey, always check the fuel level. It is important to have enough fuel in the vehicle because it helps keep you warm for longer and also because it will be an additional weight that helps create more traction in areas of greater grip.
  • If the snowfall has been heavy, your windscreen is probably covered, so you need to clean it with a snow scraper. You can also use anti-freeze windscreen cleaning fluid.
  • Even before you start, you should check the level of anti-freeze radiator fluid.
  • The use of snow chains or alternative chains are essential, in some areas they are even mandatory for circulation.
  • Drive slowly and attentively, always keep a safe distance from other vehicles.
  • Take emergency supplies such as warm clothing, some food and torches.
  • If your car is an automatic, use the "snow" mode to make driving easier and safer.
  • Using the gearbox is very important, avoid using the brake, in order to reduce the danger of skidding. On downhill slopes use the lowest gears, in order to brake with the engine. On level areas, you should accelerate slightly to create more traction on icy ground. On icy roads, you should be aware if you are entering an icy patch, where you can start downshifting and braking gently beforehand, or if you are already in one, in the latter case, never use the brake harshly, you could end up losing control of it.
  • Rest is essential, driving in adverse conditions is more tiring so you should rest more regularly.

As an alternative to the usual metallic snow chains, there are also fabric snow chains and snow chain sprays. It is important to have a snow and ice scraper at hand.

Besides these tips, you should always check your tyres. There are tyres suitable for cold seasons like winter. So, if you live in a place with a very severe winter, it is important to exchange your summer tyres for winter tyres. If you live in a place where winter is not felt so much and snow is not so frequent, "all seasons" tyres are enough, adding all the tips mentioned above.